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Let Lori Dawidowicz Speak For Us!

I got my hot tub a little over a month ago. We shopped around to several other retailers in town and finally landed on this one. We choose MN Hot Tubs based on the hot tub that fit our needs and the sales guy Eric. There was some lead time purchasing the tub which was explained when purchasing, it came in when it was expected to. Delivery was on time and good. For starting it up the first time Eric made sure we knew we could call him for help in getting the chemicals right or any other questions. We filled it up and brought a water sample in for testing. Based on the sample results Eric recommends and writes out the amount of chemicals to use and timing. Worked well. A few weeks later I had additional issues in getting the water right. I brought in a sample again for testing. Based on those results we adjusted the chlorine and we are good to go again! When shopping at MN Hot Tubs you are not only buying a hot tub but also getting the support and easy ability to ask questions about your tub and water - which is what has made my experience a very positive. Highly recommend.

Lori Dawidowicz