Since 1979 Servicing Minnesota-Wisconsin-Iowa-North & South Dakota


Let Todd Hanks Speak For Us!

If getting more value than what you ever expected and a sales/service experience you had almost forgotten existed then buy a Bullfrog tub from these guys. Then prepare to be overwhelmed with the quality of the tub and their great customer service. These guys delivered our tub 180 miles (for what I consider a very small fee) down a 800 ft snow packed driveway in -11 (MINUS) blowing snow. Removed the old tub (solid block of ice) off the deck and set the new on without any issues. Moreover, the two delivery guys never complained about the conditions and worked until 1am as weather conditions got worse. This was in December and we didn't power the tub until July. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! What a great tub. Bullfrog is the best and it makes my top of the line tub from the other Big Name Brand feel like junk! Especially when it comes to customer service. These guys aren't just the best hot tub dealers they are a great company with great people! I am hoping they will service my other tub because I am done with the other dealership and other manufacturer. BUY BULLFROG. It's a great system, simple and wonderfully therapeutic from a great dealership!

Todd Hanks