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Let Tamara Miller Speak For Us!

Mark and Jesse were both great to work with. I can be a bit demanding and they handled me with patience and helped me feel comfortable. They recommended the salt system which most other Hot Tub places say not to. I opted to take Jess and Mark's advise and I am so happy. I have not had to adjust any chemicals for over 6 months. I don't waste money and time on testing and additional chemicals as I would have if I hadn't purchased the salt system. I say listen to Mark and Jesse. They know what they are talking about. One more thing. We really love our Bull Frog. the Jets are amazing, quality is amazing. Mark bent over backwards helping me get our hot tub delivered when we needed it. The people they contracted with were great! I just wish at the moment I could remember their name too. Great job to all.

Tamara Miller