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Salt Systems

Salt System Maintenance

Have peace of mind by making sure your hot tub water is clean and sanitized. Believe it or not, you can achieve this continuous sanitation with salt! We have created some videos to show how chlorine will keep your water pristine. Dive in at any time with confidence and embrace the future of water maintenance with the natural simplicity of salt.

Testing With Sodium Bromide Test Strips Salt Water

Testing your water for your sodium bromide level. Make sure you are in the 7-8 range.

Salt System Testing with Bromine Test Strips

How to read your Test Strip levels for your Bromine Test strips. This includes PH, Alkalinity, and Hardness.

Blu Fusion Start-Up

This can be for your first fill ever or another yearly fresh fill. Takes you step by step on what to put into your saltwater spa upon fill up.

Blu Fusion Settings

This video will help you select the correct setting for your Blu Fusion Saltwater system. If you do not have the same touch screen as in the video, look in the spa owner's manual to find out how to change your filter cycles.