TRU BLU Sodium Bromide (Dead Sea Salt)


Product Description

TRU BLU is 99% pure Sodium Bromide (NaBr) and comes from Be’er Sheva, Israel on the Dead Sea. This natural salt is added to your hot tub or spa water in order for your automated bromine generator to operate. When Sodium Bromide comes in contact with the system electrode it’s converted from Sodium Bromide (salt) into low levels of pure free Bromine through electrolysis.

TRU BLU is specifically for use in your BLU WATER automated bromine generator. In the United States, Bromine generators require 99% pure sodium bromide that is EPA Registered like Genesis TRU BLU salt. Be sure not to use unregistered sodium bromide salt in your salt system device. When using your bottle of TRU BLU, please follow the instructions carefully.

The benefits of using Dead Sea Salt in your hot tub or swim spa are amazing, CLICK HERE for more information on this special salt.


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