Phosphate Remover


Product Description

PHOS FREE 3 LITER BOTTLE Eliminates phosphates (algae’s primary food source) to starve algae! Phosfree reduces phosphate levels in your Hot Tub. Phosphates are the limiting nutrient for algae growth and eliminating phophates is very important in all salt water applications.

Reduce phosphates to near zero and enjoy an algae free Hot Tub and. Natural Chemistry unconditionally guarantees it. Unlike algaecides that kill existing algae (resulting in a release of phosphates by the dying algae), Phos Free eliminates phosphates from the water to solve even the most stubborn algae problems!

Purchase extra Phosphate Test Strips so you can test for phosphates in the future!

Dosage: 1 oz. per 100 gallons, (Higher dosage for excessive phosphate levels).« 


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