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The Model XL 50 Spa Ozonator has been proven in the field for over 6 years and is the most reliable in the industry. This ozonator is the best product you’ll find for cleaning your spa and keeping it fresh day after day.  The Model XL 50 Spa Ozonator utilizes a Corona Discharge micro-ozone cell which is as close to nature’s way of keeping your residential spa clean.  Our proven ozone technology effectively removes water impurities and micro-organisms, reduced chemical usage and requires less maintenance.  Your skin will feel soft, clean and free of harsh chemicals the immediate changes and significant benefits include green technology. 


Aqua Sun Ozone’s Corona Discharge micro-ozone cell provides consistent ozone output with less heat, less energy usage and less nitric acid. There are no cartridges, chips or bulbs to replace and it’s great for our environment…you’re going to love it!


      • Power Input: 120V/60Hz
      • Enclosure: ABS Plastic/PA-765A
      • Dimensions: 4.75”(L) 4” (W) 1.75” (H)
      • Weight: 1.01 lbs.
      • Air Inlet: Filtered Ambient Air
      • Outlet: 1/4” Stainless Steel Barb Fitting
      • Ozone Output: 50mg/hr. Standard, Higher Output Optional
      • Available in: Amp Plug Configuration

      Accessories Available
      • Venturi Injector
      • Ozone Check Valve
      • Tubing
      • 2 years on Unit and 1 year on Check Valve

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