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FROG ® @ease Management

FROG ® @ease Management

FROG @ease

@ease START UP

STEP 1: Fill your spa with a clean garden hose. If you are using city water, you should use a mlcro-clean pre-fill filter. If you are on well water, you should use a mineral pre-fill filter.

STEP 2: Add 1 bottle of Metal Gone and 2oz of Stain and Scale to the water while the tub is filling.

STEP 3: Balance pH and alkalinity by using PH/Alkalinity Down. when balancing, an average spa of 450 gallons will require between 12-16 ounces. It is recommended that you add increments of 4 oz at a time and wait at least 2 hours before testing and

adding more. Always look at the alkalinity first, even if the pH level is off. Once the alkalinity is in a range of 80-120ppm, balance the pH accordingly with pH adjuster. Note: The pH and alkalinity will balance at the same time 90% of the time. If your pH level is not within range once alkalinity is balanced, you will need a separate PH ONLY adjuster.

STEP 4: Add 1 packet of FROG JUMP START per 500 gallons.

STEP 5: Set the SmartChlor release system on the bottom of the gray cartridge to the proper setting. Based on the number of gallons in your spa, line up the arrows on the blue and gray cartridges. Push them together and turn them to lock. Place the Frog @ease cartridge in the water.



STEP 1: Check your pH and alkalinity balance to make sure they are in the OK or ideal zone on your test strips.

STEP 2: Check your chlorine levels, If you are using the Frog @ease strips, follow the instructions on the bottle. If the color is lighter, check the gray cartridge to make sure it's not empty, If it's not, you may have to increase the chlorine level by adjusting the dial on the cartridge. If the color matches or is slightly darker, no action is required. If you are using a standard chlorine test strip, you want to see the chlorine level just barely register on the low end. Increase your dial on the gray cartridge if you don't see anything registering.

STEP 3: Add 2 oz of Stain and Scale or Unique. This will keep calcium from building up

STEP 4: Add 2 oz of shock per 300 gallons. When shocking the tub, it's best to do it on a day where you haven't added any other chemicals such as PH Down, Stain and Scale, etc. When you shock the tub, leave the jets on and the cover open for at least 20 minutes to aid in oxidation.


STEP 1: Change out your SmartChlor cartridge (gray cartridge). This may have to be done sooner than 1 month if you see the ball floating upside down. This means the chlorine is gone and it's time to put on the new cartridge.

STEP 2: Remove and rinse filter.


STEP 1: Change the blue mineral cartridge.

STEP 2: Soak the filter in a filter cleaner and rinse. This will extend the life of the filter.

STEP 3: We recommend draining and refilling your tub at this time.