Enjoying Your Hot Tubs and Spas this Winter

Old Man Winter has sure made himself at home here in Minnesota. And, you are likely looking for new ways to warm up and relax at home. At-home hot tubs and spas can provide a much-needed oasis from the chill of winter and stresses of the day. They immediately warm you up and relax you after a long cold day and help you and your muscles relax. There are many great benefits to owning hot tubs and spas in the Twin Cities, and the experts here at Minnesota hot tubs are here to tell you their many benefits as well as offer some tips for this winter.

hot tubs and spas

Relaxation & Health

When you use a hot tub in winter, you could sweat out some of the toxins in your body. If you start to feel a head cold coming on, just have a good, long soak.
When your muscles and joints are cold, you’re more likely to pull or strain them during physical activity. Hydrotherapy from hot tubs and spas works well to help relax muscles and relieve aches for people who play outdoor sports or work long hours or commute in the cold.

Enjoy the fresh air. In freezing weather, a soak in hot tubs and spas allows you to spend time outside in warmth and comfort, instead of huddling indoors or shivering in the cold air.

Safety Tips

While enjoying the many benefits of hot tubs and spas in winter, it is also important to stay safe. How?

When you’re enjoying hot tubs and spas, make sure to spend no more than 20 minutes in your spa at a time. The longer you stay in your spa, the higher your body temperature climbs. While it may be tempting to linger in the comforting warmth of hot tubs and spas when the outside air is cold, try to limit your soak time.

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol. You can become dehydrated more quickly if you drink too much while in the hot tub.
Keep your spa around the same temperature so that your temperature is consistent, and make sure to perform routine maintenance and cleaning. After all, simple problems can become more complicated to fix in subzero weather.

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