Customizable Hot Tubs: The Ultimate in Custom Luxury

You may already know that hot tubs are a great way to unwind and relax after a busy day. But, did you know you can actually create a custom hot tub to meet your specific wants and needs? Large family? Looking to match your hot tub to your home? At Minnesota Hot Tubs, we provide a way to design a custom hot tub for your Woodbury home. Choose from unique layout, color and jetpack options from Bullfrog Spas and create a hot tub that is personalized just for you, your family and your home. As custom hot tub experts, we’ve provided an overview of variables to consider and options to focus on when looking to that make a hot tub your hot tub. custom hot tub

Family Size. Do you want to relax in the hot tub with the entire family or entertain guests on special occasions? Then, it is a good idea to choose a large open seating plan for maximum capacity; these custom hot tub models can seat up to eight people! Looking for a more intimate setting? Choose a premium couples spa. Looking somewhere in the middle? We have spas that seat five! At Minnesota Hot Tubs, we provide many space-saving options that don’t sacrifice jet therapy options for a custom hot tub experience for families of all shapes and sizes.

Jet Therapy Options. Speaking of jet therapy, there are many different options to choose from! Whether you suffer from back, knee or chronic arthritis pain, a custom hot tub may be your ticket to a more holistic pain relieving option. From FibroTherapy to Lumbar, to NeckMasseuse, each JetPack provides unique therapy benefits. Do you need neck massage after a long day at the office? Choose the NeckBlaster! Not sure what you are looking for? Our experts can help recommend custom hot tub JetPacks for you.

Color. Match your custom hot tub with the exterior of your home or simply select interior and exterior colors that you like the best. We offer cabinets in Driftwood, Hazelnut, Mohagany, Ivory and Slate. And, choose from beautiful interior colors and textures as well! When it comes to a custom hot tub, the possibilities are endless!

Still not sure? You can also select one of the recommended pre-configured accessory packages or customize your accessories! Choose from basic, deluxe and premium packages.

Are you ready to create your custom hot tub in Woodbury or surrounding areas? Call Minnesota Hot Tubs today and get started! We can help you choose the right spa model based on your needs as well as the JetPack and color options for you. Contact Us at 952-435-4096 or visit the store location nearest you.

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