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Heating Up with Hot Tubs: The Types We Carry and Their Many Benefits

It’s getting hot out there but we can never forget that Minnesota can bring some of the coldest winters around. And, an at-home hot tub can provide a much-needed oasis from the chill of winter and stresses of the day. They immediately warm you up and relax you after a long day no matter what the weather. So we know that one; hot tubs are a relaxing way to unwind and two; hot tubs can offer actual health benefits. At Minnesota Hot Tubs we offer an incredible selection of hot tubs for Woodbury and the surrounding areas and we would like to provide you with the types we carry as well as a few of their unique benefits.

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Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog spas are durable. They are built to last so you can enjoy them for years without worry. They use state-of-the art technology and durable materials which create the all new Endura-Frame. Bullfrog is proud to be the only spa manufacture in the world to implement a wood and metal free frame that will last a lifetime.

Bullfrog spas are like no other spas on the market. The patented JetPak therapy system gives you complete control over your hydro massage by allowing you to interchange your favorite massages quickly and easily. They offer incredible power but operate with efficiency.

Hawaiian Breeze Spas

When it comes to Hawaiian Breeze Spas, it’s all about sound and color. Enliven all of your senses and create an immersive experience with a Hawaiian Breeze Spa. Each come standard with full surround sound light-up LED pop up speakers and a JBL stereo/cd/aux player. And, each one comes in over 15 shell color options.

Nordic Hot Tubs

Nordic is synonymous with therapy and recreation. They provide everything you want in a hot tub all in one beautiful and long-lasting package. Nordic’s signature combination of high flow water and individual jet therapy DTSTM provides the perfect balance of active and passive muscle and joint relief. They are also one of the only companies that still produce up to six different round hot tub models, including real cedar wood cabinet options.

At Minnesota Hot Tubs, we also offer a variety of reconditioned and used spas in all of the most popular brands. With these you get heavily-discounted prices, a choice of hot tub sizes and constantly changing inventory.

If you would like to learn more about the many hot tubs we carry for Woodbury and their benefits, Contact Us at Minnesota Hot Tubs or visit the store location nearest you.

Nordic Hot Tubs Dealer Spotlight on Minnesota Hot Tubs

This blog was written by Jane Peeks, Sales Administrator at Nordic Hot Tubs

In 1976, Rick Liskow was stationed in the Pacific Northwest as a member of the Coast Guard. Realizing that he needed to set a plan for his future, he began selling waterbeds during his off-duty hours, eventually opening a storefront.

In 1979 he moved back to his hometown of Rochester, Minnesota, and established his waterbed and mattress business there. Liskow gradually added auxiliary product lines to his store, maturing the business into a specialty sleep store with traditional mattresses, furniture and other sleep accessories.

Around 1985, he brought in his first hot tub to see how it would fit with his product lines and trends he saw in the industry. Hot tubs quickly became an entire department of his mattress store and eventually needed expanded floor space. Adding more store locations in Mankato, Lakeville and his brand new Superstore in Woodbury/Lake Elmo has allowed him to differentiate the locations between mattresses, hot tubs and even specific manufacturers.

The Woodbury/Lake Elmo location is a ‘test’ store with two distinct stores and two separate entrances but in reality, one business. Based on how this location performs, he will consider incorporating this approach into his other stores. Spa Retailer, an industry magazine, recently showcased this location in their October 2016 issue. You can read the article here.

Minnesota Hot Tubs Lake Elmo

Currently Minnesota Hot Tubs has six locations, four of which sell hot tubs. Liskow feels his business stands out from the competition due to being in the industry for almost 40 years. Over the years he has seen many competitors come and go but Minnesota Hot Tubs weathered the economic cycles and is known as a stable and reliable business within the greater Rochester area.

Liskow enjoys what he does. He relates that some of the most challenging times have been weathering the harsher economic climates. “I can figure out the business stuff but I’m still learning to manage chaos and drama within the regiments,” he quips. Liskow manages the chaos with an entrepreneurial vision, quiet demeanor and a wicked sense of humor.

“2017 is going to be an interesting year,” states Liskow. “I think we’re heading back to the type of growth we experienced in 2006.” He bases this statement on the sales trends and solid growth he has observed within the last few years.

Liskow is very excited to have Nordic Hot Tubs in the showroom again. “It’s a great marriage of quality Nordic products and Minnesota Hot Tubs’ longevity in the industry,” he states. He knows Nordic Hot Tubs has the consistency of quality, durability and long product life that he demands from his vendors. “And, we love your truck drivers! Those guys are great!” Liskow adds with a laugh.

When asked if he has advice for other dealers, Liskow quips, “Set your dealerships up in a warmer climate! This morning was cold…12 below when I came to work!” He quickly adds, “Seriously, though, if you are going to grow, the hardest thing to do is get your people to give customers the appreciation and respect you did when you were a smaller business. Growth is good, but if you get too big your business can become less flexible. Stay flexible!”

Minnesota Hot Tubs is proud to offer Nordic Hot Tubs. Since 1995, Nordic Hot Tubs has led the industry in providing high quality, therapeutic spas. To see these hot tubs for yourself, visit one of our retail locations.

Customizable Hot Tubs: The Ultimate in Custom Luxury

You may already know that hot tubs are a great way to unwind and relax after a busy day. But, did you know you can actually create a custom hot tub to meet your specific wants and needs? Large family? Looking to match your hot tub to your home? At Minnesota Hot Tubs, we provide a way to design a custom hot tub for your Woodbury home. Choose from unique layout, color and jetpack options from Bullfrog Spas and create a hot tub that is personalized just for you, your family and your home. As custom hot tub experts, we’ve provided an overview of variables to consider and options to focus on when looking to that make a hot tub your hot tub. custom hot tub

Family Size. Do you want to relax in the hot tub with the entire family or entertain guests on special occasions? Then, it is a good idea to choose a large open seating plan for maximum capacity; these custom hot tub models can seat up to eight people! Looking for a more intimate setting? Choose a premium couples spa. Looking somewhere in the middle? We have spas that seat five! At Minnesota Hot Tubs, we provide many space-saving options that don’t sacrifice jet therapy options for a custom hot tub experience for families of all shapes and sizes.

Jet Therapy Options. Speaking of jet therapy, there are many different options to choose from! Whether you suffer from back, knee or chronic arthritis pain, a custom hot tub may be your ticket to a more holistic pain relieving option. From FibroTherapy to Lumbar, to NeckMasseuse, each JetPack provides unique therapy benefits. Do you need neck massage after a long day at the office? Choose the NeckBlaster! Not sure what you are looking for? Our experts can help recommend custom hot tub JetPacks for you.

Color. Match your custom hot tub with the exterior of your home or simply select interior and exterior colors that you like the best. We offer cabinets in Driftwood, Hazelnut, Mohagany, Ivory and Slate. And, choose from beautiful interior colors and textures as well! When it comes to a custom hot tub, the possibilities are endless!

Still not sure? You can also select one of the recommended pre-configured accessory packages or customize your accessories! Choose from basic, deluxe and premium packages.

Are you ready to create your custom hot tub in Woodbury or surrounding areas? Call Minnesota Hot Tubs today and get started! We can help you choose the right spa model based on your needs as well as the JetPack and color options for you. Contact Us at 952-435-4096 or visit the store location nearest you.

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

We all know sitting in a hot tub can be relaxing and a great way to unwind after a busy day. But did you know there are actual health benefits from hot tubs? We want to highlight a few ways hot tubs can improve your health. If you are looking for hot tubs in the Twin Cities, be sure to see our selection.

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Better Sleep
Hot water promotes relaxation which helps you sleep. A recent study in the scientific journal Sleep showed that soaking in a hot tub prior to bedtime can help insomniacs achieve a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Taking a soak in 102-degree water 2-3 hours before bedtime will relax you and re-set your body thermostat making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Stress Relief
There’s no better way to stimulate the body’s natural endorphin release than soaking in a hot tub. The heat increases blood flow and the therapeutic massage works out muscle soreness. Stress is a silent killer in our overworked culture. It causes muscle tension, soreness, headaches and fatigue. Over time this can lead to serious health problems. Not only does a spa’s buoyancy ease pressure on joints and muscles, but the mood elevation and natural relaxation response is a priceless way to improve health.

Relieves Aches and Pains
Whether you suffer from back, knee or chronic arthritis pain, a hot tub may be your ticket to taking less medication. Immersing your body in hot water causes your blood vessels to expand which increases blood flow that carries more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Increased circulation helps relax tight muscles allowing mobility for arthritic or injured joints. It also provides buoyancy to support and lessen stress on joints and encourage freer movement. The hydrostatic effect of jets on pressure points releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

Hot tubs have also been found to benefit those suffering from migraines or high blood pressure. Recovery time can also be reduced for those who’ve been injured or had a surgery.

Whether you suffer from a chronic health condition or just want to keep your body relaxed so you can sleep better, a hot tub may be just what you need. If you would like to learn more about the many health benefits of hot tubs in the Twin Cities, Contact Us or visit the store location nearest you.

Our New Location in Lake Elmo is Now Open!

We are glad to announce that our new Minnesota Hot Tubs location in Lake Elmo is now open! It has been months of planning and preparation, but the products are in and the showroom is set to help customers find the perfect hot tub for their needs. The Lake Elmo store joins three other Minnesota Hot Tubs locations: Lakeville, Mankato and Rochester.

Minnesota Hot Tubs Lake Elmo
When shopping for a hot tub, you want to see it firsthand. It’s nice to see it set up and even running to know what it will be like when installed at your home. We want you to know the product you are buying, that’s why we have such a large showroom with numerous hot tubs on display. You can walk around, look at all the different brands, types and sizes, ask our staff questions and ultimately find the right fit for your wants and needs.

We sell and service a variety of hot tubs. However, we feature these spa manufacturers: Bullfrog Spas, Dynasty Spas and Signature Spas. Each of these lines offers specific features such as energy efficiency, padded head rests, built-in speakers and state-of-the-art technology. With a Bullfrog Spa, you can even customize it to fit your specifications.

In addition to hot tubs, we also sell gazebos and swim spas at our new store. We provide installation, spa side accessories, continued service, and we can handle all your water-care needs. So when you buy a product from us, you can have peace of mind that it will be installed correctly and that you will have experts at hand to help with any future maintenance. You will also have professionals available to answer your questions and help you get the most from your spa. We want you to enjoy it for years to come!

If you live near the Lake Elmo area, stop in to see us! We would love to show you around and let you see all the quality products we have available. Whether you are looking for a hot tub to ease your working muscles or want a swim spa for exercise, we can help you find the right one to fit your needs and budget.

Our Lake Elmo store is located at 9242 Hudson Blvd. N. You can also give us a call at 651-348-8600. Visit our Contact Us page for the hours and addresses of all our locations. We hope to see you soon!