Minnesota Hot Tubs

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Your One Stop Hot Tub Shop  since 1979

We are recognized as the oldest Hot Tub retailer and service center in the state of Minnesota. We have been selling Hot Tubs for over 37 years and have thousands of happy customers.

We know exactly what Hot Tub customers want when looking to purchase a new Hot Tub, so we built the largest Hot Tub showroom in the state of Minnesota at our Lake Elmo location to help provide our customers with the largest selection of Hot Tub brands, models, accessories and colors to choose from.

For over 37 years we have built a very loyal customer base and part of that reason is we only sell Hot Tubs, which allows us to focus 100% of our attention on Hot Tub sales, customer support and service after the sale. We have many customers who told us this was definitely an important factor in deciding where to buy a Hot Tub from.

The most important part to us is that we treat our customers like family and since we only specialize in Hot Tub sales and service, we can provide our customers with the most highly skilled, trained and knowledgeable staff in the Hot Tub industry.

We also specialize in therapeutic Hot Tubs like Bullfrog Spas, the most innovative and hi-tech Hot Tub in the world while also being an American built Hot Tub manufacturer from Salt Lake City Utah.  Bullfrog Spas are built to last a lifetime not just a few years like many brands our competitors sell from Mexico.

Remember, Hot Tubs are NOT created equal. We feel so strongly that Bullfrog Spas will exceed your expectations and therapeutic needs that we invite you to wet test any one of our many Bullfrog Spa models. You wont regret it.

minnesota-hot-tubs-made-in-usaWe only sell American made hot tubs and spas.  American built Hot Tubs are just built better, period…

American built Hot Tubs are built by hardworking American family’s with American ingenuity, quality parts and overall craftsmanship standards that “non-American” built hot tubs lack. Trust us this matters, especially if you want to keep your Hot Tub for more then a few years.

We also value keeping the American workforce strong and helping grow our own economy. Let us explain to you the benefits and features of owning an American built Hot Tub, you will see and feel the difference.